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Hello, we are FLUIDSOFT, pioneers in the digital solutions realm since the dawn of modern web technologies. For over a decade, we've been intricately designing, programming, and managing sophisticated platforms, with an emphasis on the cable industry.

One of our crowning achievements is transforming nascent ideas into robust, enterprise-grade platforms. Our pride and joy, "Singularity MDS," is a testament to this—a comprehensive enterprise solution crafted exclusively for Cable Providers. We pride ourselves on delivering platforms that not only radiate a contemporary aesthetic but are also engineered for durability. Harnessing our in-depth knowledge of web mechanics, we've optimized Singularity MDS and our other creations to be self-sufficient, requiring minimal maintenance while ensuring seamless operations year after year.

  • Birthday:21.12.2017
  • Age:8
  • Address:Borka Utot 13, Prilep, North Macedonia


  • 2017 -

    With support from UNDP

    Founded the company
  • 2021 - 2022

    With support from FITD

    Singularity MDS 2.0 Project
  • 2023

    Adopted in 3 more cities

    Singularity MDS


These guys are awesome. Their app is super easy to use, everyone's responsibilities are clearly underlined. Very easy to use.

Alexander Walker


Singularity tripled the work orders done by our team on a weekly basis.

Isabelle Smith


Singularity MDS opened up a whole new market for us, and we are maintaining it with the workforce we already had.

Baraka Clinton


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